The end of another season and the start of sorting out my children’s clothes, finding which clothes are too small and which ones I can keep for when the weather changes again. I have done it for the last seven years and I will continue to do it for a…

AP Photo/ Petros Karadjias

The Americans planted their flag on the moon.

As if they could own the moon.

And no other nation seemed to care

about the ownership of this magical sphere,

giving journeys the right of passage.

I had my second shot of the coronavirus vaccine yesterday so I can now wear my cape with pride, put my knuckles to my waist, point my nose to the sun and breathe in the air of heroes. Yes, I too am now a kind of a Batman — with…

“Sit down,” the mountain told the wind.

“I was not made to sit down,” the wind replied.

To that, the mountain told the wind to adapt.

So the wind crouched down, tried and tried

and in the end, it discovered it had wings to flap.

By Christos Kostaras (

“And that is the high-functioning, autistic mind.” That is how our session with the Child Psychiatrist ended. ‘High-functioning,’ the term we were quickly faced with five years ago when we got our diagnosis. At the time it was a soothing sound, a way to quickly overlook the ‘autistic’ part. What…

Maria Gregoriou

Copywriter, poet, content manager, journalist.

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