Love in the Colour Blue

“Sit down,” the mountain told the wind.

“I was not made to sit down,” the wind replied.

To that, the mountain told the wind to adapt.

So the wind crouched down, tried and tried

and in the end, it discovered it had wings to flap.

“Take it all in,” the ocean told the snail,

“every sound, every texture take to touch.”

“Sounds shake me to my very core,” said the snail.

“Adapt,” the ocean said, to which the snail tried

to stay half out of its shell, adapting sound to its scale.

“Look at me,” the mirror said to love.

“I can’t, I can’t set my mind on course if I do.”

“Take your time, look at me, and do not think.”

So love put away thoughts for the first time,

looked in the mirror and did not blink.